Lithuanian Language and Culture Course



2017 July 31 -  August 29

Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course Programme

 LF Lithuanian Language and Culture Center,  T. Ševčenkos st. 31, Vilnius


Lithuanian language course changing lives

Already for eleventh time Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (LEU) is organising the Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course for students from abroad. Intensive Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course for bachelor, master and PhD students coming from foreign countries traditionally has been held since 2004. Students are learning Lithuanian language and are getting to know country’s culture and customs. This is a different perspective towards strongly persisting opinion that emigration is working only one direction (from Lithuania) and that Lithuanians are learning only foreign languages and customs abroad. Every year LEU hosts plenty of culturally diverse students excited about learning Lithuanian and getting acquainted with Lithuania’s culture. Last year the course was attended by 62 students coming from 15 different countries. Peng Qiaoyun (who was given nickname Rūta by course organisers) from Beijing Foreign Studies University – BFSU is studying Russian Language and Literature. You can feel free to ask her something in Chinese, Russian, English, Japanese, Latvian and now you will get an answer if you try in Lithuanian as well. After been asked what she has enjoyed in Lithuania most, Peng claimed that it was people. According to her, she has met a lot of kind persons here. Peng has arrived to the course few days in advance so she put up at Lithuanian family in Vilnius. She says that Milda and her father Saulius, at whose home Peng was staying, are marvellous people. “Faustina, the daughter of Saulius, was the first person I have practiced my Lithuanian with. She is four. She speaks only Lithuanian, so I had no other choice. I remember when there were only two of us home and she came to the room to look for her dad, but Saulius was not there. Faustina started to cry and I became worried and tried to comfort her while talking in Lithuanian. I did not expect of myself speaking Lithuanian even in such a complex situation”, – tells the LEU Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course participant from Beijing. Peng did not forget to put in some good words for Vilma Leonavičienė – the organiser of the course, head of Lithuanian language and culture centre, the teacher in LEU and for her team who made the course a success. “Vilma helped me not only with the material I had to read, but she as well assisted me on matters in the dormitory. Birutė, one of the members of Vilma team, took me to the poetry reading and presented contemporary Lithuanian poets. All these people are very honest. I am very thankful for them”, - says the Chinese student. In Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course, which took place at LEU, Peng has been studying at level B1. According to what the girl says, the trickiest part was the dictionary. “I have to be very careful and try not to be mistaking Lithuanian and Latvian languages. Knowledge of Latvian may help, because the grammar of two languages is really similar, but it may also be an obstacle to learn Lithuanian. It is because the words look the same. If I am getting relaxed, everything turns out to be bad. And to pronounce letter “e” sometimes is very complicated”, - she says and adds that Lithuanian language is very beautiful. Peng would like to continue learning it. Most she has enjoyed the songs, which she has been learning during her class. Chinese as well got to know Lithuanian cuisine. “I have tried cepelinai (zeppelins), šakotis (tree cake/branchy), šaltibarščiai (cold beet soup). I have really enjoyed the food”, – without hiding joy, claimed the student from China, who also got Rūta name in Lithuania. For the friends who are coming to Lithuania for the first time Peng would strongly recommend to visit Lithuanian countryside. “I recall the night we have spent in a wooden house, in the forest. It was really beautiful. I think the landscape in Lithuania is fascinating”, – she says.

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