Publishing house


T. Ševčenkos st. 31
LT-03111, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 5 233 35 93
Fax: +370 5 233 35 93
E-mail: leidykla@leu.lt
The publishing house of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences has been operating since 1992. During this period it has issued a great number of original scientific publications, teaching materials, periodicals and promotional materials.
The service provided includes the whole process of publishing:

  • Editing;
  • Layout making;
  • Photograph scanning;
  • Printing photo transparencies;
  • Creating graphical design;
  • Offset and digital printing;
  • Post-press finishing;
  • Distribution of published products in bookshops or via the internet.

Other services and products:

Scientific publications: monographs, textbooks, proceedings of conferences, etc.;
Teaching materials;
Periodicals: History, Pedagogy Studies, Man and the Word, etc.;
Electronic publishing;
Designing books, brochures, booklets, posters, pamphlets and calendars;
Digital colour and black-and-white printing;
Binding books and other publications;
Publishing Compact Disks, creating surface and cover designs.

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