Professional Competence Development Institute

     The Institute of Professional Competence is a structural division of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (LEU). The Institute maintains well-established links with the University faculties, unit for science and studies, other universities, national and local educational institutions, industrial enterprises and other social partners. The Institute is a structural division of LEU providing teachers’ professional development training and re-qualification programmes in cooperation with other LEU departments and meets the needs of a present day educational community and a wider society in the code of democracy, humanity, innovation and change.


   During 2014 the Institute of Professional Competence organised 104 qualification development events, attended in total by over 3711 participants: schools‘ teams, subject teachers, preschool workers, education field managers and other specialists. Significant attention is also paid to the development of the partner network of the Institute: new international projects, conferences and reports are prepared; agreements with partners from Lithuania and outside Lithuania have been signed.

Main functions


  • To fulfil individual needs to gain higher education and develop professional and practical skills while taking into account the requirements and standards of the changing society;
  • To analyse the state of qualification development, re-qualification and continuing studies within LEU and initiate research and project activities to continuously improve this state.



A modern university department that provides quality professional competence development services that are applicable in the requirements of the constantly changing society; develops the cooperation between this and other university departments, Lithuanian and international academic, research and other institutions, while creating, developing and implementing educational projects that are relevant to the society and the requirements of the perspective labour market; creates and helps to utilise beneficial conditions and opportunities to develop already existing or strive for new professional competencies for every member of the society.


To provide and expand professional qualification development and re-qualification services that fulfil the requirements of the European Union Adult Education for specialists from various areas; to organise scientific-practical conferences and carry out research. The Professional Competence Development Institute undertakes these activities: Re-qualification, qualification development, language teaching, project activities and development of international relations.


Re-qualification programmes for teachers
     Teachers having a Bachelor’s degree have an opportunity to study for 2,5 years, graduate re-qualification programme with the certificate of the new specialisation. We offer re-qualification programmes: English Philology, Pre-school Educational Studies (in Kaunas and Vilnius), Russian Philology (in Kaunas), non-degree studies of Pedagogics (in Vilnius and Kaunas).

In-service training courses for teachers

      Training programmes aim to develop teachers‘ personal, cultural, professional competences. The main directions of teachers‘ in-service training are: dealing with special educational problems; creative learning; school leadership development; development of educational quality assurance system; development of students‘ achievement assessment system; implementation of the new technologies into the educational system; educational process and content modernisation; development of methods and ways to make lessons more effective; analysis and prevention of students‘ drop outs; effective school management.

International relations and recent project activities

     The Institute develops international relations with other European universities‘ continuing study departments and adult educational institutions. We cooperate with colleagues from Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece and other EU countries, as well with Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries.

      Starting from the year 2011 we are partners in the project „Creative Partnerships Lithuania“ No. VP1-2.2-SMM-04-V-001, fundent by the European Social Fund. Project webpage. Photos gallery from the project „Creative Partnerships Lithuania“ school year 2013-2014 Final Conference in Vilnius District you can find here.

      Project „Creative Partnerships in Lithuania“ developments and achievements have been presented to the visitors from the EU countries during the study visit „How to Encourage Creativity in a Changing School?“ which has been held on the 5-9 th of May, 2014 in Vilnius, financed by the Lithuanian Exchanges Support Fundation. Look at study visit photos gallery.
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     We are partners in the project „European Policy Network on School Leadership“, partly financed by a grant from the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture (Grant Agreement - EAC-2010-1388/1), within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme. Last year, on the 25-27th of November, 2013, Peer Learning Activity (PLA) Event and Social partners’ event under the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU “School Leadership as an Impetus to Educational Policy Reforms” have been hosted by Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, coordinated by the LEU Institute of Professional Competence. Here you can find Vilnius event programme and videos:  and the report.

     For more information about the project look at the project webpage.

Starting from the year 2012 we are partners implementing project "Development of Teachers' In-service Training and Retraining" (II –III stage) funded by the European Social Fund. For more information please look here.


    From the year 2012 we are partners in the project „Learning at the Hearth (LATH)“ funded by the EU Grundtvig programme. Last year on the 21 th of June, 2013, project event has been held in Vilnius where took part project partners from JK, Germany, Spain, Romania, Cyprus.






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