Faculty of Sports and Health Education

Physical Education (Bachelor in Education, pedagogical qualification)

Studies of Physical Education are chosen by students who see sport as a part of their lives. Students who have chosen to study Physical Education will gain competences in Education, Bachelor degree in Sports education and pedagogical qualification, allowing them to become successful teachers. Students of Physical Education can choose their specialization and deepen their knowledge either in their desired sport or in the area of Health education. After the successful completion of the studies, graduates recognize the importance of physical activities in modern society, are able to perform roles of physical educator, the creator of opportunities, the leader; to plan and organize the process of physical education, to initiate and implement various projects related to physical and health education and sports, to provide pedagogical and other assistance to pupils of weaker health, and/or pupils with special needs. Graduates of the programme are able to make decisions about the creation of the educational environment for students and athletes, to develop and deepen acquired knowledge and skills, to become an independent, responsible personality who pursues great achievements in sport.


Postgraduate studies

Physical Education (Master in Education)


Postgraduate Physical Education studies provide a possibility to acquire knowledge in education processes, sports research and methodology, national and EU policies on education and, especially, sports education; provide knowledge required for understanding and recognizing the interface between sport and education; for preparing oneself for educational activity of a sport educator. Graduates of the programme are able to understand strategic aims of Lithuanian and EU educational policies; to analyse and evaluate changes in Lithuanian and EU physical activity area, to be a strategist and a leader in sports education, to plan and strategize physical education porgrammes for people of different age groups, to make educational and science-related decisions as well as to plan their career.


Main directions of Scientific Research

Scientific research field, area, theme:


Science Programme:

The monitoring of the physical abilities and the adaptation of functional systems of physically active people belonging to different age groups and possessing different skills.

Science area (-s), field (-s): Social Sciences, Education (007S), Biomedical Sciences, Biology (01B)

1 topic. The monitoring of health and physical abilities of pupils and students who are and are not involved in sports.

2 topic. Physical preparation of high-skilled and disabled Lithuanian athletes and their adaptation to exertion.


Science Programme:

Research in Didactics

Science area (-s), field (-s): Social Sciences, Education (007S)

Topic. The tendencies of the changes in the health, sports and studying achievements of pupils and students while applying the innovations to physical and sports education (formal and informal education).


Science Programme:

Teacher education and pedagogical qualification improvement

Science area (-s), field (-s): Social Sciences, Education (007S)

Topic. Professional tendencies and resolutions of sports teachers/ sports coaches in different stages of their career and the factors that impact it.


Project activity

Ongoing projects:


International projects:

The title of the project: The amount of trace elements in hair of various level athletes.

Programme: International project between Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, the Institute of Sports, and Belarus State University of Grodno, the Physico-Technical Faculty. („Международное сотрудничество между Учреждением образования «Гродненский государственный университет имени Янки Купалы» Физико-техническим факультетам (Республика Беларусь) и   Литовским эдукологическим университетом, Институтом спортивной науки (Литва г. Вильнюс)”

The duration of the project: 2015-2019.

The status of LEU (The applicant/ partner): partner.

Project Manager (-s): Prof. S. Anufrik (State University of Grodno), Prof. Dr. Habil. Kazys Milašius (LEU).


National projects


1. The title of the project: Scientific management of the preparation of Lithuanian national Olympic team candidates according to the programmes Tokio – 2020, Pyoeng Chan – 2018.

Programme: Lithuanian National Olympic Committee.

The duration of the project: 2017.

The status of LEU (The applicant/partner): partner.

Project manager (-s): Prof. Dr. Habil. Kazys Milašius.


2. The title of the project: Scientific researches in the preparation of high-skilled and Olympic junior athletes.

Programme: Lithuanian Olympic Centre of Sports.

The status of LEU (The applicant/partner): partner.

Project manager (-s): Prof. Dr. Habil. Kazys Milašius.


3. The title of the project: The improvement of scientific qualifications of the sports area employees.

Programme: Physical Education and sports sponsorship programme.

The duration of the project: 2017.

The status of the LEU (The applicant/partner): The applicant.

Project manager (-s): Prof. Dr. Habil. Kazys Milašius.





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