Faculty of Social Education

Faculty of Social Education as a structural division of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences started its activity on February 1st, 2014. This event was the result of the provision No 18 of the Council of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (November 25th, 2013) initiating the restructuring of the Institute of Social Communication and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.

In 2016 the Development Strategy of the Faculty of Social Education for the years 2016-2020 has been prepared. This strategy reflects the position of the Faculty towards the future academic, methodic, scientific, project and practical activity, having impact on the country development.

The mission of the Faculty of Social Education
To perform high-level studies and scientific researches, contributing to the promotion of social cohesion and society integration and stability, concentrating applied researches and study process to perform the positive impact on the region and the whole country.

The vision of the Faculty of Social Education
Contemporary and modern faculty having a broad relationship with students, employees and graduates. On the basis of this relationship it can constantly develop innovations in the study process and professional activity. The priority of the Faculty is to train the public spirit oriented towards the practical needs of the society – the increase of the cultural, economic and social development and sustainability.

Departments and other divisions

Department of Social Work and Sociology
Department of Social Education
Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship Development
Centre of Learning Resources and Information
Centre of Social Inclusion and Entrepreneurship Research

Offered undergraduate study programmes
Social Pedagogy
Social Work
Service Business Administration
Economy and Business
Political Sociology
Applied sociology


Offered Master study programmes
Social Work
Social Industries and Communication
Management and Administration of Education Institutions


Research activity of the Faculty
Research activity at the Faculty of Social Education is performed in the field of Social Sciences, namely Education, Economics and Sociology. The particular researches are being performed according the long-term priority scientific programmes approved by the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.

The long-term priority scientific programmes (the branch of Education researches):
1. Active Social Inclusion and Smart Education
- Positive parenting and smart socialization;
- Researches on dynamics of the quality of life;
- Commitment to democracy strengthening social participation;
- Social work professionalism trends in the context of global learning;
- Characteristics of youth as a subject of socio-cultural space in global society.

2. Formation and implementation of Lithuanian education policy
- Socio-cultural, economic and political assumptions of education accessability in Lithuanian secondary schools;
- Development of assumptions for teaching and learning of leadership competencies as a task for the policy of teachers’ training;
- Effectiveness and competitiveness of the education institutions;
- Lithuanian education policy in the context of Europe and other countries’ development scenarios.

Other scientific programmes
The increase of economic competitiveness and social cohesion
- Regional transformation of Lithuania: geodemographical, economic and social changes;
- Assessment of economic competitiveness and social cohesion factors and increasing the impact on country socio-economic development.


Project activity

Currently implemented international projects:

-The name of the project: Cooperative models for business transfers to ensure growth and survival of innovative companies and entrepreneurs (COMBESTE)
Programme: EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Duration of the project: 2016-02-19 – 2017-03-31.
Head/coordinator of the project: Prof. Dr. Vytas Navickas


-The name of the project: Developing interdisciplinary economics, ethics and citizenship education in secondary schools
Programme: Erasmus+
Duration of the project: 2016-09-01 – 2018-08-31.
Head/coordinator of the project: Prof. Dr. Giedrė Kvieskienė

The list of implemented projects can be found here.




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