Ultrasonic Mechanisms Research Group

The Laboratory of Ultrasonic Mechanisms was established in 1992. It performs research on the creation of piezoelectric converters of various forms depending on their application fields. The laboratory has created converters for ultrasonic cutting of synthetic materials (ultrasonic cutters); converters for the ultrasonic sieving of very small powdery particles (several micron size); converters for the ultrasonic spraying of very small liquid amounts. However, the main work field of the laboratory is contracted research financed by foreign scientific research institutions. For example, the laboratory creates piezoelectric converters for Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea.


Main research topic


Modelling, research and application of metal-piezoceramic converters in the creation of mechatronic systems
Led by Prof. Dr. Habil. P.Vasiljevas.
Research team: L. Vasiljeva, Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Bareikis, Assoc. Prof. Dr. S. Borodinas, PhD A.Struckas.
The researchers have published 1 article in the ISI database research journal, 2 peer-reviewed reports in international conferences, read 2 reports in international conferences and gained 2 USA patents.




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