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Dr. Loreta Rastenienė


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E-mail loreta.rasteniene@leu.lt
Education and occupation

Higher education, Vilnius Pedagogical University, physics-astronomy and informatics, 1997.
Master 1998

PhD in physics 2008

Scientific degrees and titles


Professional experience

2006-present Lecturer at Vilnius Pedagogical University (Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences).

2013- present Research Worker at Liquid Crystals Research Group.

2013-present The physics teacher at Vilnius Gabijos High School.

2004-2006 Assistant at Vilnius Pedagogical University.

1998-2001 Engineer at Vilnius Pedagogical University.

1999-2005 The physics teacher at T. Liubertiene secondary school.

1998-2001 The physics teacher at Vilnius Zirmunai High School.

Foreign languages known

English, German and Russian.

Delivered subjects

  • Undergraduate studies
  • Linear algebra

    Applied Mathematics

    Differential equations

    Analytical functions

    "Mathematica" and its application

    The Statistical physics and thermodynamics


    Research activities

  • Research areas
  • Hybrid structures of organic compounds-nanoparticles

  • Scientific publications
  • Rimantas Vaišnoras, Loreta Rastenienė, Augustinas Kulbickas, Eugene Khatsko, Michael Kobets, Kostyantyn Dergachev, The high-frequency ESR spectra of the syntetic diamond and nanodiamond type Ib at low temperature, Low Temperature physics,39, (2013), 1355-1360.

    M. Franckevičius, J. Tamulienė, J. Babonas, I. Šimkienė, L. Rastenienė, A. Kulbickas, A. Iržikevičius, and R. Vaišnoras, UV spectral features of poly(propylene imine) dendrimers, Lithuanian Journal of Physics, 51, 3 , (2011),207–211.

    J.Tamuliene, L.Rasteniene, A.Kulbickas, M.Franckevicius, R.Vaisnoras, G.Badenes, Structure modeling of Co-encapsulated PPI dendrimer, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 10, (2010), 6407-6410.

    J.Sabataityte, I. Simkiene, A. Reza, G.-J. Babonas, R. Vaisnoras, L.Rasteniene, D.Kurdyukov, V. Golubev. Studies of opal crystals infiltrated with iron porphyrin, Superlattices and Microstructures, 44, 664-669 (2008).

    J. Sabataitytė, I. Šimkienė, G.-J. Babonas, A. Rėza, A. Suchodolskis, M. Baran, R.Szymczak, R. Vaisnoras, L. Rastenienė, V. Golubev and D. Kurdyukov, Modification of photonic properties in porphyrin-infiltrated opal crystals, Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications, 5, 125–128 (2007).

    J. Tamulienė, R.Vaisnoras, M.Balevičius, L. Rasteniene, Geometrical structure of small Co nanoparticles, Adv Optical Materials, 659665961G, (2007).

    A. Kulbickas, J. Tamulienė, L. Rastenienė, M. Franckevičius, R. Vaisnoras, M. Marcos, J.L. Serrano, B. Jaskorzynska and L. Wosinski. Optical study and structure modelling of PPI liquid crystalline dendrimer derivatives. Photonics and Nanostructures- Fundamentals and Applications, 5, 178-183 (2007).

    J. Sabataityte, I. Simkiene, G.-J. Babonas, A. Reza, M. Baran, R. Szymczak, R. Vaisnoras, L. Rasteniene, V. Golubev, D. Kurdyukov. Physical studies of porphyrin-infiltrated opal crystals. Material Science Enginering C., 27, 985-989 (2007).

    Rastenienė L., Pajeda S., Vaišnoras R. Self-Assembly of a Synthetic Opal Infiltrated with Liquid Crystal Like Photonic Crystal, Solid State Phenomena, 97, until 98, p. 245-250, (2005).

    S. Pajeda, L. Rastenienė, A. Kudarauskas, V. Bastys, A. Kulbickas, M. Mikšys, J. Tiškevičius, R. Vaišnoras, The estimation of nanosized droplets in the polymer dispersed liquid crystal, Proc. SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 5565, (2004), 413-416.

    L. Rastenienė, S. Pajeda, A. Kudarauskas, V. Bastys, A. Kulbickas, M. Mikšys, J. Tiškevičius, R. Vaišnoras, Polarized FTIR spectra investigation of the metallo-organic Copper( II ) and Nickel( II ) compounds, Proc. SPIE, The International Society for Optical Engineering, 5565, (2004), 274-279.

    L. Rastenienė, S. Pajeda, A. Kudarauskas, V. Bastys, A. Kulbickas, M. Mikšys, R. Vaišnoras, External control of a stop band position in a visible spectra of photonic crystal opal infiltrated with nematic LC, Proc. SPIE, The International Society for Optical Engineering, 5565, (2004), 173-179.

    Project activities

  • Projects of EU Structural Funds
  • EU framework research programe FP6 network of excelence PHOREMOST, NanoPhotonics to Realise Molecular Scale Technologies. Grant Nr. 511616. www.phoremost.org. Participants from 34 universities, 17 countries. Duration of the project from 2004 October 01 to 2009 February 15. Project manager

    EU project HPC-EUROPA, Research Infrastructure on High Performance Computing. Eu contract Nr. RII3-CT-2003-506079. Participants from 17 universities. Duration of the project: 2007- 2008. Project manager.

    EU Project COST P19 "Multiscale Modeling of Materials ". Participants from 18 countries. Duration of the project: 2008-2010. Project manager.

    EU Project COST TD0802 „Dendrimers in Biomedical Applications". Participants from 22 countries. Duration of the project: 2009-2013. Project manager.

    EU Project COST MP0803 „Plasmonic components and devices". Participants from 20 countries. Duration of the project: 2008-2012. Project manager.

    TAP-LU-11-009. Lithuanian-Ukrainian project ,,Investigation of the hybrid system dendrimer-gadolinium Gd(III)-nanodiamond for development of new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent” (2012-2013).

    Applied research activities

  • Scientific conferences, seminars
  • A. Kulbickas, L. Rasteniene, L. Bloznelyte-Plesniene, M. Franckevicius, A.V. Zakharov, V. Astachov, R. Vaisnoras, Interaction of the organic molecules with diamond surface, 24thInternational Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials 2013, 2–5 September, 2013, Riva del Garda, Italy, Abstract P1.132

    Kulbickas Augustinas, Rastenienė Loreta, Khatsko Eugene, Kobets Michael, Dergachev Kostyantyn, Fahmi Amir, Lapeika Vytautas, Vaisnoras Rimantas, Nanodiamonds- as candidates for MRI contrast agents,

    Congress of International Phototherapy Association (IPTA-5), 19-21 September, 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania, Abstract

    G.Bogatyriova, A.Kulbickas, L.Rastenienė, O.Lechenko, A.Bochechka, A.Kutsai, E.Khatsko, M.Kobets, K.Dergachev, R.Vaišnoras, Diamond surface interplay with organic molecules, XVI International Conference “Rock-Destruction And Metal-Processing Tool – Technique, Technology Of Its Production And Application”, September 15 - 21, 2013, Morskoe Village, Sudak District, Crimea, Abstract

    A.Gustainytė, M. Franckevičius, R.Kondrotas, R. Juškėnas, L. Rastenienė, R. Vaišnoras, V. Gulbinas Stability of silver nanoparticles protected by PPI-SA and PAMAM-SA dendrimers, 40th Lithuanian National Physics Conference,10-12 June, 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania, Abstract S2-29

    Vytautas Lapeika, Loreta Rastenienė, Nerijus Karalius, Laima Bloznelytė-Plėšnienė, Augustinas Kulbickas, Amir Fahmi, Rimantas Vaišnoras, Influence of nitrogen defects to electrical and structural characteristics of diamond, 40th Lithuanian National Physics Conference,10-12 June, 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania, Abstract S2-72

    Educational and science dissemination activities

  • Public lectures