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Education and occupation

Vilnius Pedagogical Institute Physics Teacher (1978); Vilnius Pedagogical University, Doctors Degree Physical Scieces (2001); Researcher and Investigator (since 1984)

Scientific degrees and titles

Doctorin Physical Sciences 02P (260) Leonardas Žigas

Professional experience

1971-1973 Tutor of studens at Vilnius Pedagogical Institute (VPI) 1974. Engincor at the Compiuting Centre of VPI; 1974 - 1976 Military service; 1976-1978 Technician Vilnius Secondary School Nr. 21; 1978- 1983 Researcher at the Department of Theoretical Physics of VPI; 1983-1986. Researcher at the Department of General Physics of VPI; 1986-2001 Senior Researcher at VPU.

Foreign languages known

Russian (C2), English (B1).


Rector's Award (1978, 2013); Faculty of Physics Award (2003). Science Foundation Award (2006).

Other activities

Scientific Expert. Candidate for Science Award (2007, 2011).

Delivered subjects

  • Master studies
  • Laboratory works, Physical Experiments for physics graduate students.

  • Doctorate studies
  • Organizing of scientific experiments, giving help to doctorate students in tu summarizing the results.

    Research activities

  • Research areas
  • Semiconductor-ferroelectric crystal optical and theoretical studies. Condensed Materials 02P (P 260)). Solid state physics. Vibration spectra. Fourier and Fourier-transform spectroscopy, LAFS-1000 Fourier spectrometer measure SbSI - type crystal IR (infrared) reflectance spectra and the results are processed theoretically: Kramers - Kroning, Atomic (pseudo and full) potential. The results are announced at conferences, Lithuanian and foreign scientific journals, 7 patents on inventions. In total, published over 100 publications.

  • Scientific publications
  • By doctoral dissertation defense in 2001.

    1. A. Audzijonis, V. Paulikas, L. Žigas, A. Stasiukynas, J. Narušis, S. Kvederavičius Ferroelectric phase transition in SbSI type crystals Phase transitions : a multinational journal 67, 2, 437-446 (1998). ISSN 0141-1594 2. A. Kajokas, J. Grigas, A. Brilingas, J. Banys, K. Lukaszewicz, A. Audzijonis, and L. Žigas Origin of anomalies of physical properties in Bi2S3 crystals Lithuanian Journal of Physics 39, 1, 45-53 (1999). ISSN 1648-8504 3. J. Grigas, A. Kajokas, A. Audzijonis, L. Žigas Peculiarities and properties of SbSI electroceramics Journal of the European Ceramic Society 21, 1337-1340 (2001). ISSN 0955-2219 4. Doctoral dissertation PDF, and summary of Doctoral Dissertation PDF

    The database of scientific publications of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (LEU) Scientific publications; (2014 - 2018 m.); AV BVI CVII type crystals, theoretical investigation ..... Habilitation procedure for review of scientific works: physical sciences, physics (02P). VPU Vilnius: [L. Žigas] 2010. [electronic resources] Coverage: Disc 1(DVD). Work p. format: 175 p. ISBN 978-609-408-123-1; Summary, LEU Vilnius: [L. Žigas] 2014. ISBN 978-609-408-185-9 PDF. Algirdas Audzijonis, Leonardas Žigas, Raimundas Žaltauskas, Raimundas Sereika. A5B6C7- type crystals in various Phases, Book, ISBN 978-609-475-119-6, Vilnius [LNB - LIBIS] 2018 p. 245.

    Applied research activities

  • Compiled research publications
  • 1. A. Audzijonis, L. Žigas, R. Žaltauskas Semiconductor - ferroelectric crystal oscillation spectra and electronic structure. Book [Scientific works], Vilnius 2007, 236 p. UDK 537(06) * 544(06); 2. A. Audzijonis, R. Žaltauskas, L. Žigas Semiconductor - ferroelectric crystal oscillation spectra and electronic structure. Book [Scientific works], Vilniaus, VPU 2011 m. 75 p. Total: 4 books, UDK 016:537.226.4 * 016:544.174.3; 3. Patents 7

  • Expert activities
  • Expert of Science and Studies Foundation; ISI Web of Science Rreviewer.

  • Scientific conferences, seminars
  • These; Presentations in international conferences; Articles in perr-reviewed conference proceedings; Articles in non peer-reviewed conference proceedings; other; Articles LJ of P

  • Research visits, qualification development courses
  • Project "High school teachers pedagogical skills development" training. Educational ICT skills training for lecturers organized by the Centre of Educational JT (2008); PDF Administrative staff association, professional protocol for heads, administrators and managers (2011). PDP

  • Work in editorial boards
  • Reviewing of Accessing Scopus and Science Direct - (Žigas, L. or igas, L.); Dissertation opponent

  • Work in training researchers
  • Supervising and organising of Scientific experiments; theoretical justification; preparing of scientific articles; doctorial theses review; Feedback on the dissertation; Participation in the defense

  • Work in research institution and organisation activities
  • Lithuanian Physical Society board member; European Society of Materials; Member of Lithuanian Scientific Society.

    Educational and science dissemination activities

  • Popular science and didactic publications
  • 1. Audzijonis Algirdas, Siroic Jan, Žigas Leonardas, Fokas Vytautas. Elektros laboratoriniai darbai (nespecialistams), Vilnius [VPU l-kla] 2003 92 p. 2. A. Audzijonis, A. Čerškus, L. Žigas. Molekulinės fizikos laboratoriniai darbai (nespecialistams), Vilnius [VPU l-kla] 2004 72 p. 3. A. Audzijonis, V. Lazauskas, L. Žigas, A. Pauliukas. Elektromagnetizmo pagrindai, Vilnius [VPU l-kla] 2005 140 p. 4. A. Audzijonis, G. Gaigalas, L. Žigas, R. Žaltauskas, E. Tamulienė, A. Pauliukas. Fizikinis eksperimentas, Vilnius [VPU l-kla] 2007 104 p. 5. A. Audzijonis, R. Žaltauskas, L. Žigas, A. Rėza. MECHANIKOS LABORATORINIAI DARBAI NESPECIALISTAMS, Vilniaus [VPU l-kla] 2008 [CD] 85 p. ISBN 978-9955-800-33-0 6. A. Audzijonis, R. Žaltauskas, L. Žigas, A. Rėza. MECHANIKOS LABORATORINIAI DARBAI NESPECIALISTAMS, Vilniaus [VPU l-kla] 2009 105 p. ISBN 978-9955-20-389-6 7. L. Žigas Gyvenimas, skirtas mokslui. Mokslas ir gyvenimas, 2005 Nr.9 8. L. Žigas Kietojo kūno optikos mokslinė laboratorija. Šviesa VPU, 2005 Nr.21; 9. L. Žigas Būti fiziku – garbė ir atsakomybė. Šviesa VPU, 2007 N.8 10. L. Žigas Fizikos leidinių paroda. Šviesa VPU, 2007 N.12

  • Creation and maintenance of online scientific resources
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