Faculty of Lithuanian Philology

The faculty was established in 1945 as the Faculty of Lithuanian Language and Literature. At the beginning it had three departments: Lithuanian Language, Lithuanian Literature and Universal literature (which was abolished in 1955 and instead the Department of Lithuanian and Foreign Literature was created and functioned until 1991).


Mission of the faculty is to help its students create the career of a modern Lithuanian philologist, an up-to-date pedagogue. By discussing with tradition and utilising modern teaching methods the faculty encourages the personality development of young and creative people. The faculty cooperates with other Lithuanian and foreign universities (such as the University of Pisa (Italy), Wroclaw University (Poland), Paris National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (France), Dumlupınar University (Turkey) and others) and the creative society of Lithuania, and thus opens up possibilities for multi-purpose student activities. The education of Lithuanian Philology is based on modern education philosophy and the latest philological knowledge.

Vision of the Faculty is that of a unique, young, energetic and open to the world faculty that successfully trains Lithuanian philologists, society’s educators and creativity teachers of wide spectrum and unites present and future Lithuanian philologists on a national as well as global level.

Departments and other divisions

Department of Lithuanian Language and Literature Didactics
Department of Lithuanian Linguistics and Communication
Department of Lithuanian and Comparative Literature
Lithuanian Language Research Centre
Lithuanian Language and Culture Centre

Available undergraduate study programmes

Lithuanian Philology

Available master study programmes

Lithuanian Philology

Available doctorate study programmes (along with LEU Faculty of Philology and Vilnius Mykolas Romeris University)

Lithuanian Philology




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Departmental Coordinator for International Relations: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dainius Vaitiekūnas, E-mail: dainius.vaitiekunas@leu.lt




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Dean’s Assistant
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