Faculty of History

The Faculty of History of then Vilnius National Pedagogical University was established in 1944. From 1975 to 1989 it was named the Faculty of History-Pedagogy.

At the present, the faculty has 4 departments, Centre of History Didactics, a local students’ union and student scientific society. 4 research centres and 3 resource rooms function under the departments. The faculty ensures ideal conditions for Lithuanian and foreign students to achieve bachelor and master degrees in Humanities (fields of history and religion) along with a teacher’s qualification.

In order to coordinate the study programmes with the changing needs of the labour market, considerable attention is paid to the disciplines and competences related to Applied History (a new study programme offered by the departments of the faculty, often referred to as Public History in the Western countries), which covers the application of historical knowledge in school education and its dissemination within the society using the most modern information and communication technologies as well as the application of the results of historical research to private and public fields of activity.

The Faculty of History is: a qualified team of lecturers; a particularly active local students’ union of the university; an active and the only scientific society of history students in Lithuania; continuous development of student competencies in foreign universities on the basis of the EU ERASMUS student exchange programme; immense attention to different professional practices in the course of studies (archaeological, ethnological, regional, museum, publishing, pedagogical, archival practices, etc.) and an ideal environment for research.


Departments and other divisions


Department of Baltic Prehistoric Studies

Department of Catholic Religion Education

Department of Lithuanian History

Department of Universal History

Department of Ethics

Department of Philosophy

Centre of History Didactics

Offered undergraduate study programmes

Applied History
European History
Catholic Religion Education

Offered Master study programmes

Christian Anthropological Pedagogy
Local History of Lithuania




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Departmental Coordinator for International Relations: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sandra Grigaravičiūtė, E-mail: sandra.grigaraviciute@leu.lt




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