Faculty of Education

The faculty was established in 1990 the Faculty of Education and Psychology. As the university developed its vision to become Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, the academic staff had to overcome a challenge of establishing a faculty that would match the specialisation of the university. Thus in 2010 it was decided to strengthen the training of educational scientists (teachers, education managers, leaders, psychologists, social pedagogues and others) and to unite the divisions training these specialists under a single Faculty of Education.
In 2011 the senate and Rector approved the new faculty and its structure as well as the model of management. The faculty cooperates with a very wide variety of foreign institutions, such as Konservatorium Wien University (Austria), University of Coimbra (Portugal), University of Franche-Comté (France), Aalto University School of Art and Design (Finland), University College Lillebaelt (Denmark), University of Iceland (Iceland) to name but a few.
There are currently 13 professors, 65 associate professors, 15 lecturers and 33 assistant lecturers working and 1574 undergraduate and 240 master students studying in the faculty.

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Departments of the Faculty

Department of Dance and Theater
Department of Fine Arts
Department of Music
Department of Education
Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology
Department of Fundamentals of Education
Department of Childhood Studies

Offered undergraduate study programmes

Pre-school and Primary Education (Pre-school Education and Primary Education specialisations)
Pedagogy of Fine Arts
Dance Pedagogy
Music Pedagogy

Offered master study programmes

Pre-school Education
Fine Arts Education
Music Education
Dance Education
Career Designing
Education Quality Management
Educational Management and Leadership
Special Education
Psychology (Developmental Psychology)

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Research topics approved for 2012-2015


  1. Teacher training models oriented towards the realisation of education culture;
  2. Contemporary didactics in school for training teachers;
  3. Psychological, educational and social assumptions for the lessening and individualisation of teaching and learning disjuncture;
  4. Development of competencies in the education process;
  5. Gifted and talented individual education issues;
  6. Modern methodology of educational research;
  7. Secondary analysis of national and international education research information;
  8. Philosophical principles of arts education studies.

During 2006-2011 the faculty researchers have published 11 education, 1 psychology, 1 ethnology and 6 philosophy themed monographs; 150 educational books and teaching aids for students and 84 textbooks for schools; 8 educational science research studies; 15 research articles in ISI databases; 398 articles in international peer-reviewed research journals; 414 articles and reports in Lithuanian peer-reviewed research journals and 106 articles and reports in other research journals.




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