Information and Procedure

Key data


Name of University: Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (in Lithuanian - Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas), shortening - LEU.


Academic Year 2017/2018:

Autumn semester: 1 September, 2017 - 26 January 2018;

Spring semester: 29 January 2018 - 22 June 2018.

Deadlines for application:
July 1, 2017 (for autumn semester 2017/2018);
December 1, 2017 (for spring semester 2017/2018).



Erasmus Exchange: How to Apply?


An Erasmus exchange applicant should send signed, scanned copies of Application, Learning Agreement and Accommodation forms by e-mail. We strongly recommend to follow the deadlines especially for non-EU applicants to manage starting your studies at LEU on time. Please find the forms below, under the "Documents" section.

As soon as we have your duly signed documents, we will issue Letter of Acceptance to be sent to your university.


Non-EU Applicants


Non-EU applicants are requested to send passport copy with application documents. We will issue Invitation Letter (Tarpininkavimo raštas in Lithuanian) to be sent to the Lithuanian Embassy based on your passport data.


Course Information

Information on courses can be found in our website, under ECTS courses section. Please note that the majority of the courses has to correspond to your study major (e.g. if you study English language, the majority of the chosen courses has to be taken from the English department(s) and Faculty of Philology). Please choose the department and faculty, corresponding to your study major at home university, and carefully read the description of each course offered. Please do not hesitate to contact faculty Erasmus coordinator  if you have any questions. Please pay attention to the availability of a subject depending on the semester!


Mentor system

We would like our incoming students feel at home while studying at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. Therefore, we have developed a mentoring system, which is aimed at student-to-student help. Every incoming Erasmus student has his/her mentor - a student of LEU (usually a former or future Erasmus student) to help an incoming student to adapt to the new life in Vilnius. Your mentor will pick you up from the airport or bus/train station and take you to the dormitory, show you around, introduce you to social life of local students and help with many problems that a person can experience while abroad.


Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences provides incoming students with accommodation at its dormitory (Vivulskio St. 36, Vilnius). Make sure you fill in the accommodation request form (you can find the form below, under the "Documents" section) while applying.


University dormitory is located near the city center. It is 6 km from the airport, 2 km from rail and bus stations. Arriving instructions (in case your mentor is not able to pick you up):
From the airport: the bus No. 3G will take you to the bus stop "Taraso Ševčenkos", then you have to cross the street (Švitrigailos) and go until the end of Vivulskio street where you will see the 9-storey building, the dormitory (Vivulskio 36).
From bus / train station: bus No.23 will take you to the bus stop "Taraso Ševčenkos", then you have to cross the street (Švitrigailos) and go until the end of Vivulskio street where you will see the 9-storey building, the dormitory (Vivulskio 36).
For more options, please check here.
If you want to use taxi,  call it; calling a taxi is far cheaper than taking it from the street. You can find some taxi numbers here.

Public Transport

A single bus or trolley-bus ticket costs 1 EUR if purchased at a bus/trolleybus driver. A single ticket to ISIC holders costs 0,50 EUR. The same type of ticket is valid for public transport system (buses and trolley-buses in Vilnius). Fixed-term (one-day, three-day, ten-day or thirty-day) tickets for buses and trolley-buses and Vilnius public transport card (Vilniečio kortelė) can be purchased at red/white kiosks "Lietuvos spauda". More on public transport system in Vilnius.

Student ID card

It is advisable for the incoming students to have international (ISIC) student card. We recommend issuing ISIC card while here as it contains integrated Vilnius public transport card (otherwise it costs 1,50Eur).

Orientation Week

At the beginning of each semester Erasmus Student Network LEU organizes Orientation Week to get to know each other better, and most importantly to introduce the incoming students to the university, teachers; trips around Vilnius and nearby towns are also organized by the network.


Grading system

The Lithuanian grading system uses 1-10 scale.

Local grade
ECTS grade
8, 7
3, 2, 1
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