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Pedagogy (Pedagogika)

Pedagogy is an international periodical peer-reviewed journal of research papers. Outstanding scientists of Education science from Lithuania and abroad publish their works in the journal. The articles focus on the issues of education system, developmental processes, the analysis of the impact of changes in Education science and teaching practice as well as dissemination of survey results based on the data of the empirical research cases. The journal articles can be submitted in Lithuanian and English languages. 4 volumes of the journal are issued every year.

The journal is in these databases:

Scopus; Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L.); Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ); Education Research Complete (EBSCO Publishing); Index Copernicus; Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLA).


 History (Istorija)

The journal publishes scientific articles, sources, reviews, conference reviews, memoirs of historians and public figures, discussion-based publications on controversial facts and contemporary interpretations of events. All the articles of Istorija are reviewed by at least 2 reviewers. A total of 4 volumes are released per year.

The journal is in these databases:

Historical abstracts; C.E.E.O.L. (Central and Eastern European Online Library); CSA: Sociological Abstracts; CSA Worlwide Political Science Abstracts; MLA: Modern Language Association International Bibliography; EBSCO Publishing: Academic Search Complete; EBSCO Publishing: TOC Premier; EBSCO Publishing: Current Abstracts.


 Social Education (Socialinis ugdymas)

Social Education is a quarterly, peer-reviewed social science journal, published Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (formerly - Vilnius Pedagogical University) from 1999. The magazine is published in Lithuanian and / or English languages, 2-3 issues per year. Publishes original Lithuanian and foreign researchers and practitioners, conclusive research results and social development work, and reviewed as announcements of the monograph.

 The journal is in these databases:

Index Copernicus    

SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO)  



Education Psychology (Ugdymo psichologija)

The scientific journal “Educational Psychology” publishes original empirical research, theoretical and methodological studies on psychological and interdisciplinary issues in the context of (self)education and welcomes reviews and critical reviews of recently published monographs as well as reflections on psychology as a scientific field and its development. The articles are published in the Lithuanian and English languages.

The journal is in these databases:

Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLA, EBSCO, Gale, ProQuest); Education Research Complete (EBSCO); Education Research Index (EBSCO); Central & Eastern European Academic Source (EBSCO); Current Abstracts (EBSCO); TOC Premier Table of Contents (EBSCO)


Man and the Word (Žmogus ir žodis)

The journal Man and the Word consists of 4 parts: Didactic Linguistics, Literary Criticism, Foreign Languages, Philosophy. Each part of the journal is released once a year. The journal specializes in publishing in the field of humanities (philology, philosophy), social sciences (education) and cross-disciplinary studies carried out in Lithuania and abroad.

The journal is in these databases:

Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L); CSA: Sociological Abstracts; DOAJ; Index Copernicus; Humanities International Complete; Humanities International Index; Humanities Source; MLA Modern Language Association International Bibliography; The Philosopher's Index; TOC Premier Table of Contents; Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.


Geography and Education: Science Almanac (Geografija ir edukacija: mokslo almanachas)

Periodical scientific journal that has been published annually since 2013. The journal contains articles discussing the issues of geography and its education in relation to the geography education practice. The journal is of intra-disciplinary nature and contains articles not only of the social, physical, but also of other areas and fields of science the objects and methods of which are characterised by a clear geographic dimension (of history, literature, arts, sports, information technologies, etc.). 

The journal is in these databases:

Education Research Complete (EBSCO Publishing)

Index Copernicus


Implied Meanings (Teksto slėpiniai)

The journal is in these databases:

MLA International Bibliography

Literary Reference Center


Sport science (Sporto mokslas)

Journal of Lithuanian Sports Science Council, Lithuanian Olympic

Academy, Lithuanian Sports University and Lithuanian University

of Educational Sciences.

The journal is in these databases:


German Federal Institute for Sport Science Literature data bank SPOLIT



 Didactics-School-Society (Didaktika-mokykla-visuomenė)

In 2014 a new on-line periodical for didactic purposes was launched under the title Didactics-School-Society it becomes to be the first publication of such a type dedicated to teachers, specialists of informal education or continuing studies, other society groups who are interested in the nexus of didactics school and society.


Acta litteraria comparativa

Acta litteraria comparativa is Lithuanian Comparative Literature Association's peer reviewed journal which promotes traditional and modern (intercultural, interdisciplinary, and intertextual) comparative studies and encourages researchers to use new or updated theories and methodological approaches in this field. The journal is published by Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. The first volume of the journal was published in 2006. Since then, it is published every two years. Papers can be submitted in Lithuanian, Russian, English, French, and other languages.


The journal is in these databases:

MLA International Bibliography


Language in different contexts (Kalba ir kontekstai (ISSN 1822-5357))

Editor-in-Chief prof. dr. Ernesta Račienė

Vice-Editor-in-Chief assoc. prof. dr. Linas Selmistraitis


Русистика и компаравистика (ISBN 978-9955-20-197-7)

The journal is in these databases:


Editor-in-Chief assoc. dr. Marija Loskutnikova assoc. dr. Danutė Sabromienė












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