The University’s priority is the development of fundamental and applied research in the field of education. This includes subject didactics, education management, and lifelong learning promotion. In addition, the University undertakes research in the fields of social sciences, humanities, biomedicine, science and technology.


The University offers PhD studies in education and other areas. The University publications focus on Social sciences and Humanities, the plot of the published articles reflects research fragments carried out by the researchers mainly in the fields of education and development. Among the University publications there are 8 scientific periodicals: Pedagogy, Education Psychology, Social Education, Sport Science, Geography and Education: Science Almanac, History, Man and the Word, Implied Meanings. The University also publishes 3 research serial (Language in Different Contexts, Acta litteraria comparativa, Russian Philology and Comparative Studies). In 2014 a new on-line periodical for didactic purposes was launched under the title Didactics-School-Society it becomes to be the first publication of such a type dedicated to teachers, specialists of informal education or continuing studies, other society groups who are interested in the nexus of didactics school and society.


Researchers of the University participate in a significant number of international and national research programmes and projects. Annually the University hosts thirty national and international conferences. Each year the academic staff publishes around twenty scientific monographs, one thousand research articles and delivers three hundred reports at the conferences.