International Conference - Towards Research-Based Education

Topics and Scope

Keynote speakers and preliminary topics:

Prof. Dr. Eve Eisenschmidt,  Tallinn University, Estonia  /  Innovative practices in teacher education
Prof. Dr. Marilyn Leask,
De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom / Translating educational research into practice
Prof. Dr. Boguslavas Gruževskis,
The Labour Market Research Institute, Vilnius University, Lithuania / Reducing poverty is impossible without education
Prof. Dr. Ona Monkevičienė,
Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Lithuania / Attitudinal changes regarding early childhood education


Topics of conference

  • Reform in higher education: How shall we forecast the aftermath?
  •  Education research methodologies: Can they be compatible?
  • Education policy: How can we accomplish what we have agreed upon?
  • Teacher education: How do we prepare for the profession?
  • Curriculum content: How will the curricular system support learning?
  • Overcoming socioeconomic inequity: What is the role of schooling?
  • Child development and learning: Do we direct or allow?
  • Didactics: How do we face contemporary challenges?
  • Inclusive education: We’re on the right road, but how do we proceed?
  • Non-formal education: What, when, and why?
  • The history of education: To continue or to start anew?
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