International Conference - A Reflection of War in Literature, Culture and Art


Title: A Reflection of War in Literature, Culture and Art

Date: December 1–2, 2017
Organizer: Faculty of Lithuanian Philology, Department of Lithuanian and Comparative Literature,

                   Vytautas Magnus University,

                   Lithuanian Comparative Literature Association.

Contact person:  Assoc. prof. dr. Žydronė Kolevinskienė

 Conference language (-es): Lithuanian, English, Russian

Topics of conferences

  • Historical overview of the war.
  • The role of the war experiences in different cultures.
  • Solders’ letters.
  • War and femininity.
  • War in literature and other types of art: fine arts, theatre, cinema, and etc.

Publication of conference material: Scientific research periodical Teksto slėpiniai (Implied Meanings), Žmogus ir žodis (Man and the World)

Responsible for content Žydronė Kolevinskienė.
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