International Conference - Reformation in Lithuania and it‘s Influence on Culture‘s Renewal


Title: Reformation in Lithuania and it‘s Influence on Culture‘s Renewal

Date: October 26–27, 2017
Organizer:  Faculty of History of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences,

                    National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania,

                    Vilnius University,

                    Klaipėda University,

                    The Wroblewski Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences,

                    Lithuanian Reformation History And Cultural Society.

Contact person:  Assoc. prof. dr. Deimantas Karvelis

 Conference language (-es): Lithuanian, English, Polish

Topics of conferences

  • Newest research on Reformation History;
  • Values as a discourse of society‘ renewal and legacy of the Reformation;
  • Socioeconomic relations between Lithuania and Europe in XVI-XVII centuries;
  • Famous people, communities and institutions of the Reformation: work, texts and their influence on society‘ mentality change.

Publication of conference material: Publication of conference proceedings: Scientific journal Istorija

Responsible for content Deimantas Karvelis.
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