6th International Scientific Conference Language and Intercultural Communication

Topics and Scope

We kindly invite researchers, university/school teachers and doctorate students to participate in an international conference held at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and hosted by the Faculty of Philology.

Conference topics

  • Language in the multicultural area. Language as a phenomenon of the dialogue of cultures. Speech behaviour. Speech etiquette.
  • National, cultural and linguistic borrowings as the reflection of intercultural interaction. Language Teaching Method in the multicultural area.
  • Intercultural communication and mass media.
  • Linguistic country studies, Ethnoculture  and Ethnolinguistics in Theory and Practice of Language teaching.
  • Hermeneutics and the language of ‘possible’ worlds.
  • Cultural and communicative aspects of literary text perception.
  • The Belarusian and Lithuanian languages abroad: spheres of realization, studying, and teaching.
  • Teaching Russian as a foreign language in schools of general and higher education


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