2nd International Scientific Conference Lithuanian Bilingualism. Bilingual Writers

Topics and Scope

  • Lithuanian and Polish bilingual writers, their works and biographies – from the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania through the 19th century to the modern times;
  • historical and cultural contexts in bilingual writers’ works;
  • the issue of identity in the works of bilingual writers;
  • topics, metaphors, symbols;
  • the image of man, nature and history in bilingual writers’ works;
  • poetics of bilingual writers’ texts, their choice of genre: poetry, prose, drama;
  • bilingual writers’ linguistic, cultural and ethnic problems of convergence and interference;
  • the Lithuanian and Polish languages as bilingual writers’ means of expression;
  • Lithuanian – Polish bilingualism in the context of contemporary comparativistics;
  • bilingual writers’ role in the synthesis of Lithuanian and Polish national literature;
  • questions of bilingual writers’ reception;
  • Lithuanian and Polish bilingual writers among other cultures and languages;
  • the book, the journal, the library as the space of bilingualism.
Responsible for content Andrey Baranov.
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