2nd International Scientific Conference Lithuanian Bilingualism. Bilingual Writers


Title: Lithuanian Bilingualism. Bilingual Writers

Date: October 12–13, 2017
Organizer:  Faculty of Philology of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences,

                    Department of Philological Research of University of Bialystok

Contact person:  Prof. dr. habil. Andrey Baranov andrey.baranov@leu.lt

 Conference language (-es):Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English

Topics of conferences

  • Bilingual Lithuanian-Polish writers: poetics, problem of identity, Lithuanian-Polish literary relations.
  • Bilingualism and translation: Linguistic, cultural and ethnic convergence and interference.

Publication of conference material: Journal Colloquia Orientalia Bialostocensia, Białystok, 2017

Responsible for content Andrey Baranov.
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