International Scientific and Practical Conference
Inclusive Education: Challenges and Opportunities

Topics and Scope

Conference Topics:

  • Successful Education for Each Learner
  • Disability as a Social Phenomenon 
  • The Changing School towards Inclusive Education
  • Inclusive Partnership: Institutional, Community-Based and Interdisciplinary 
  • Family in Inclusive Interaction
  • Implementations of Provisions of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the International and National Contexts 

Oral presentation
The duration of plenary presentation – 20 min., the duration of presentation in the workshop (oral, poster) – 15 min. Presentations may be delivered in Lithuanian or English.

Poster presentation 
A scientific presentation should contain the following obligatory elements: the title of the presentation, the information on the presenter (name, surname; represented institution; contacts – e-mail), the determined research problem and research methodology, the set goal, visualised obtained results and conclusions, the list of literature (10 most significant sources).
A representative school presentation should contain the following obligatory elements: the name of the school, the exceptionality of school activity (innovation, success stories, achieved educational results, attractiveness, perspectives, etc.), the author of presentation.

Format of poster presentation: A1 (594×841), portrait orientation.
The text of presentation has to be clear, legible and visible from a distance of 2–3 meters (titles –at least 30–40 pt, body text – at least 20 pt).
It is recommended to present as little text information and as much visual (tables, pictures, photographs, etc.) one as possible.
Poster presentations may be prepared in Lithuanian and in English.


Certificates will be issued to the presenters and listeners of the conference.

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