International Scientific and Practical Conference
Inclusive Education: Challenges and Opportunities


Title: Inclusive Education: Challenges and Opportunities

Date: May 11–12, 2017
Organizer:  Faculty of Education

Contact person:  Assoc. prof. dr. A. Galkienė

 Conference language (-es): English

Topics of conferences

  • Successful education for each learner;
  • Disability as a social phenomenon;
  • The changing school towards inclusive education;
  • Inclusive partnership: institutional, community-based and interdisciplinary;
  • Family in inclusive interaction;
  • Implementations of provisions of convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in the international and national contexts.

 Publication of conference material: The articles will be published in the scientific journal Pedagogika and in the periodical didactic e-publication Didaktika -Mokykla-Visuomenė.

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