International Conference - Researching Play - Challenges and Opportunities


TitleResearching Play - Challenges and Opportunities

Date: June 15–17, 2017
OrganizerLithuanian University of Educational Sciences

                          - Play research laboratory together with the Faculty of Educational sciences 

                     International Council for Children's Play  (ICCP)

Topics of the conference

  • Historical and cultural development of play
  • Childhood and play
  • Play in educational institutions
  • Types of play and games in childhood
  • Play as developmental factor
  • Learning in play
  • Adults and play pedagogy
  • Play and therapy
  • Research methods of play
  • Theories and methodological approaches to play research
  • Play environments and toys
  • Children as play researchers
  • Long-term play themes
  • Serious play
  • Narrative play and play narratives

Contact person:  Dr. Milda Brėdikytė (+370) 653 97 160 

Conference language (-es): English

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Publication of conference material: Abstracts published in electronic resources + memory stick


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