International Conference - The Teacher of Today and Tomorrow: Between Reality and Expectations

Topics and Scope


Dynamics of school and expectations for a teacher

Educational policy and expectations imposed by society, parents/caregivers and school learners on the school. The goals set for the school, the functions delegated to it and their dynamics, problems of implementation. The intersections of the liberal market and the principles of education. The strands of variety and unity of schools. The viability of the conception of a good school. The sketches of a future school. The educational potential of school community. The expected teacher’s competences.


Integrity and multidimensionality of teacher's activities

The dynamics of generations and understanding of learners. The problems of pedagogical interaction and relations. Theory and practice of value education. The interweaving of fundamentals of education and innovations. The coherence of educational goals and technologies. The rationale and purposefulness of the new educational strategies (inclusive, personalised, reflective, experiential, evidence-based, interactive, virtual, life-long learning, etc.). Technology-based learning. The diagnostics and educational effect of progress and achievement assessment / self-assessment. Support (pedagogical, psychological, social and special) to a learner. The models and scenarios of teacher activities. Self-governance and leadership at school. The contacts of formal and non-formal education. Pedagogical education. Criteria for assessment of teacher’s work.


Teacher education and development of professionalization
Teacher education policy and strategy in Lithuania and the world. Exceptionality of teacher’s activity: to train or to educate them. The adequacy of content of initial teacher education and professional development to requirements and expectations. Development of pre-service teachers’ openness, creativity and responsibility. The link between education theory and practice in the programmes of teacher education and professional development. The links between teacher’s vocation and leadership. The teacher’s career prospects and its development.


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