International conference - Looking for the unexpected:
Creativity and innovation in music education

Topics and Scope

Looking for the unexpected

Creativity and innovation in music education


24th EAS Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania

16-17 March, 2016


The conference is organizedby theLithuanianUniversity of Educational Sciences,  theLithuanianAcademy of Music and Theatre,KlaipėdaUniversity, Šiauliai university andKaunasVytautasMagnusUniversityMusicAcademy.


Contact person: assoc. prof., dr. Asta Rauduvaitė,  el. p., tel. (8 5) 275 21 97


The concept of creativity has been given distinct prominence in the 21st century, yet understandings of the concept are varied and clouded when we choose to make it our educational goal. During the 2016 EAS conference we aim to exchange ideas on the concept of creativity, to share our good practices in fostering creativity in a variety of contexts, and to generate thoughts for research and innovative projects.

We invite participants to consider: Why is it important to educate for creativity? How do we recognize a creative learner and how do we measure his/her creativity? What does it mean to be creative in music? What hinders creativity? What are the characteristics of creative pupils, students, and professional artists? What are the features of a creative music teacher, and what does it mean to teach creatively? How do we develop students’ creativity? 

We will focus on innovation in music education – the search for fresh, unexpected and surprising ideas.


Main themes:

  • Concepts of creativity: The science of creativity and music; Musical creativity; Creative research methods.
  • Teaching creatively and for creativity: In early childhood and compulsory schooling; in informal, community, and lifelong learning situations; in teacher education.
  • Innovation in music education: Creative initiatives in and out of school acrossEurope; Arts integration for creative outcomes; Connections/cooperation with the creative industries.


Publications on creativity and innovations in music education may be published in three issues:

  • Conference Programme. The abstracts of all accepted presentations will be published in the programme, which will have an ISBN number.
  • European Perspectives on Music Education Volume No.7 in the EAS book series “European Perspectives on Music Education” will be compiled based on the EAS 2016 conference theme.
  • EAS 2016 Conference Proceedings. All participants of the conference are invited to submit articles based on their presentations to the EAS 2016 Conference Proceedings. We kindly ask that you send articles to eas2016(at) by 1 May, 2016. The EAS 2016 Conference proceedings will be posted online by 1 September, 2016.


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