7th International Scientific Conference “Linguistic, didactic and sociocultural aspects of language functioning”

Topics and Scope

We kindly invite researchers, university/school teachers and doctorate students to participate in an international conference held at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and hosted by the Faculty of Philology.

Conference topics

  1. Comparative and contrastive studies of the Baltic, Germanic, Romance and Slavonic languages;
  2. Dialogues of national cultures in literature;
  3. Didactics of university education;
  4. Implicit and explicit expression of cognitive, pragmatic, structural and semantic features of the text;
  5. Innovative teaching and learning technologies in foreign language teaching;
  6. Intercultural communication and language contacts;
  7. Interdisciplinary relations between linguistics and literature;
  8. Intertextuality and intermediality as forms of communication;
  9. Linguistic world outlook and the problem of individual identity;
  10. Metaphor in сross-сultural сommunication;
  11. Sociocultural, intercultural and psycholinguistic aspects of language teaching.
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