3rd International Scientific Conference “Dance Education Tendencies and Perspectives”


The third international conference devoted to the topic of dance education aims to promote international cooperation between dance education researchers and practitioners (dance teachers, choreographers, dancers) and to bring together science, dance and education seeking to respond and effectively undertake emerging challenges and discuss future perspectives.


We invite researchers and practitioners to participate in the conference with scholarly, artistic or practice-based contributions. You are welcome to submit a wide range of proposals for presentations: oral presentations, poster presentations, practical seminars, workshops, open classes, as well as other formats.


Keynote speakers:

Eeva Anttila, Professor of Dance Pedagogy, TEAK, University of the Arts Helsinki

Gediminas Karoblis, Associate Professor, PhD Coordinating Convenor of Choreomundus, Faculty of Humanities, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Efva Lilja, Professor of Choreography, Director of Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark


This year the conference will be held together with the International Nordic-Baltic dance network kedja meeting, so we expect more wide conference audience and discussions.

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