International Conference - Bridges in Literature and Culture


Title: Cultural Bridges and Underbridges

Date: September 23–24, 2016
Organizer: Lithuanian Comparative Literature Association in partnership with the Department of Lithuanian and Comparative Literature Faculty of Lithuanian Philology

Contact person:  Dr. Dalia Cidzikaitė, e-mail:

 Conference language (-es): Lithuanian, English, and Russian

Topics of conferences

 • The bridge as a symbol of cultural closeness (or distance?) and as a metaphor for dialogue;

• Bridges between East and West, North and South, between the center and the periphery, between tradition and modernity;

• The bridge as an agent between two shores, two countries, and between the Self and the Other;

• Imaginary and real bridges;

• Linguistic bridges;

• Moveable and hanging bridges, bridges of Avignon, aqueducts and footbridges as symbols for overcoming space and time;

• The metaphor of a burned and/or destroyed bridge;

• The antisocial but culturally significant space under the bridge: communities of the marginal, outcasts, outsiders, and rebellious vagabonds;

• The transitional zone, which allows overstepping the boundaries; the motives of crossing the bridge and of the initiation;

• Translation as a bridge between cultures; the role of a translator as a cultural mediator.

Publication of conference material: Scientific research periodical Acta litteraria comparativa, 2016–2017, No. 8

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