International Conference - “World for a Child: Realities and Prospects of Education”, sub-theme – “Integrated Education”

Call for Papers and Guidelines

Conference material

At the conference research articles and presentations meeting the following requirements will be published:

  The paper should have a typical research paper structure: define the research goal, discuss the extent to which the subject has been researched, outline the methods, present and prove the research results, draw conclusions and list the bibliography. The bibliography should be presented alphabetically and references should be listed in the original language in accordance with bibliographical requirements.

  An abstract with a title, enclosed with an article in Lithuanian should be written in English and should be at least 600 characters long; an abstract enclosed with an article in a foreign language should be in Lithuanian with a minimum length of 600 characters. The abstract should be placed at the end of the article;

  The title page should contain the name of the article at the top, followed by the author’s name (complete name is a must) and surname; at the end of the article it is necessary to indicate the main workplace and its exact address (with post code) below. If the article is co-written it should indicate the names, main workplaces and addresses of all the authors;

  The maximum length of the article should be 7-8 pages (and the minimum 4 pages) with single spacing;

  The article should preferably include charts, graphs, diagrams and other figures.

  The articles should be created (or saved as) in Microsoft Word format preferably Microsoft Word 6.0 or Microsoft Word 7.0. The text should be corrected with Lithuanian language editor Winlika and be typed in 12 pt Times LT. Please use 18 pt Times LT font for the author’s name and title. The text area in the page should be 16×23.5 cm. The text file should be submitted in a CD.


The articles should be submitted in paper (2 copies, one with the title but without the name, institution and address) and electronically in a CD

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