International Conference - 5th International Scientific Conference “Language and Intercultural Communication”

Topics and Scope

  1. Language in the multicultural area. Speech behaviour. Speech etiquette.
  2. Language as a phenomenon of the dialogue of cultures.
  3. National, cultural and linguistic diversity of Belarus and Lithuania.
  4. Lithuanian-Belarusian-Polish-Latvian boarder area as a region of Baltic-Slavonic cultural and language contacts.
  5. Intercultural communication and mass media.
  6. Linguistic borrowings as the reflection of intercultural interaction.
  7. Translation and intercultural communication.
  8. Idioms, proverbs, aphorisms and sayings: national and cultural peculiarity.
  9. Linguistic country studies and ethnolinguistics.
  10. Hermeneutics and the language of ‘possible’ worlds.
  11. Metaphors and linguistic images.
  12. Ethnocultural ans dimension of folklore.
  13. Cultural and communicative aspects of literary text perception.
  14. The Belarusian and Lithuanian languages abroad: spheres of realization, studying, and teaching.
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