International Conference - „The Imagology Profiles: The Dynamics of National Imagery in Literature“

Topics and Scope

      Imagology is one of the most popular research areas in contemporary comparative studies. Literary imagology examines the manifestation of images, stereotypes, and entrenched views about one’s own and other peoples’ ethnic and national characters in literary texts. Although this methodology is currently experiencing intense revival, it has not yet received an adequate theoretical or practical attention in the humanities in Lithuania. The conference seeks to draw a greater attention to this field by reinforcing imagology’s main concepts and thereby problematizing our understanding of the role of national identity in literature. Contemporary imagology argues that since national identities are inseparable from images and views circulating in the public sphere, it is all the more relevant to explore the problem of national identity through the dynamics of literary imagery. Particular attention will be paid to the question of Baltic national identities in literature.

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