International Conference - Towards Research-based Education

Topics and Scope


Conference oral and poster presentations should focus on one of these topics:

  • Education policy: How can we accomplish what we have agreed upon?
  • Teacher education: How do we prepare for the profession?
  • Child development and learning: Do we direct or allow?
  • General didactics: How do we face contemporary challenges?
  • Higher education didactics: How do we face contemporary challenges?
  • Inclusive education: We’re on the right road, but how do we proceed?
  • Non-formal education: What, when, and why?
  • The history of education: To continue or to start anew? 

Topics that are more conducive to discussion might be selected for oral presentations of 30 minutes in parallel sessions. Abstracts that present research findings might be chosen for poster presentations. Abstracts of 300 to 400 words should be submitted in the “Submission of abstract” section of this announcement. Those who propose to present in Lithuanian should present abstracts in both English and in Lithuanian.

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