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About Lithuania

   Geographically (confirmed by the Guiness World Records) Lithuania is at the very centre of Europe. It has a unique and well preserved culture, folklore and traditions. The nature is very rich and can offer spectacular views. The western part of Lithuania borfers with the Baltic Sea. The climate offers four very distinct seasons, with temperatures ranging from around -5C during winter to +20C during summer. Lithuania is a part of the European Union, thus travelling within Europe ir very simple.

   Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, and the city where Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences is located. Vilnius is a beautiful city. It has a well preserved Old-Town area (one of the biggest in the Eastern European region, and a UNESCO heritage site), places of cultural heritage and a significant number of architectural marvels – the city has over 40 churches of varying styles and religions, some dating as far back as 1320. The city offers a variety of leisure and entertainment activities – whether it is travelling, visiting museums, participating in cultural events or having a wild night life. Vilnius has a well-established and continuously improved public transportation system, has a big international airport, bus, coach and train stations.


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