International Conference - The Learning Materials of the 21st Century: Creation and Application



01 10 2014

Summary acceptance confirmation

07 10 2014

Participation fee payment:

  1. Participation with a presentation - 20 EUR
  2. Participation with a presentation and article submission for publication – 30 EUR
  3. Listeners' participation in the conference is free of charge


01 12 2014


Article submission for publishing                                                                                

11 12 2014


Note. Listeners’ participation in the conference is free of charge.

 The payment of the participation fee (indicating the name and surname of the person making a transfer) is to be transferred on the following account:

Account No. (IBAN) LT70 7044 0600 0113 7036. Details: 358. AB SEB bankas. Gedimino ave. 12, LT-01103 Vilnius. Beneficiary: Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (The Learning Materials in the 21st Century: Creation and Application).

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