International Conference - The Learning Materials of the 21st Century: Creation and Application


   The main objective of the International Scientific Conference “Learning materials in the 21st century: creation and application” is the exchange of scientific information and views among the members of the international scientific community in the general field of learning materials, historical methodological approach, creation, application. This conference will be held in Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (LEU) which is the most important teacher training institution in Lithuania. The main campus of Lithuania University of Educational Sciences is situated vistually at the heart of Vilnius, near a beautiful curve of the city’s main river – Neris. The second campus is situated just 15 minutes of walking distance from the beautiful old town and about 10 minutes from a huge and very nicely maintained Vingis park.

   The University‘s primary goal is to educate a highly qualified professional in the chosen field of science and a professional teacher who is able to successfully operate in the fast-changing society, is knowledgeable about the abilities and skills obtained and professionally active in the national educational institutions of different types as well as in different contexts of international co-operation.



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