International Conference - 2nd Conference “Language Studies in the 21st Century: from Sound to Text”


Key dates

Till 30 June, 2014 Application formswith the topics and annotations of the report are welcome.

Till 1 September, 2014 Theses (1200–2200 signs) are welcome.

Till 22 September, 2014 The programme of the Conference is announced.

Till 22 December, 2014 The articles made on the basis of the reports are sent or brought to the Conference. The articles that correspond to the requirements of scientific publications will be published in the periodical “Žmogus ir žodis. Didaktinė lingvistika“.

Requirements for the articles:

         1. The articles made on the basis of the Conference reports should fulfil requirements.

         2. Theses of the Conference reports will be posted in the website of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences before the Conference (17 September, 2014).

         3. The periodical “Žmogus ir žodis. Didaktinė lingvistika” belongs to these databases:CSA: Linguistics and Language Behaviour Abstracts; MLA: Modern Language Association International Bibliography; EBSCO Publishing: Humanities International Complete; EBSCO Publishing: TOC Premier; EBSCO Publishing: Current Abstracts; C.E.E.O.L; The Philosopherۥs Index.


Contact person – Diana Steiblienė

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