International Conference - Innovating Language Teaching and Learning in Europe: Diversity, Quality, Mobility, Employability

Topics and Scope

Conference themes:

  1. Languages and the society.
  2. Quality language teaching/learning and assessment.
  3. Multilingualismand innovative methods. ICT in language teaching and learning.
  4. Applied  linguistics.
  5. Linguistic projects: quality; development of networks; sustainability.
  6. Language teachers‘ professional competence development:experience and new challenges.


Goals of the conference:

1.To rally language teaching professionals as well as developers of educational and cultural policiesfrom Lithuania and foreign countries working at different educational institutions as well as developers of educational and cultural policies, enterpreneurs, and to discuss significant issues related to language teaching, learning and scientific research.


2. To share experiences, insights and attitudes in the sphere of language teaching modernisation; to disseminate related Lithuanian experiences in Europe; to enhance teaching and learning of the native tongue and other languages through application of good experiences and achievements of teaching professionals and institutions from Europe and other countries.

Responsible for content Irena Navickienė.
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