PhD. Milda Brėdikytė


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Education and occupation

PhD Philosophy (Education)
Thesis Title: ‘The zones of proximal development in play’ - theoretical and empirical research that contributes to the understanding of early development and learning through play.
University of Oulu, Faculty of Education,
P.O.Box 2000, 90014, Finland,

PhD Social Sciences (Education)
Thesis Title: ‘Dialogical Drama with Puppets (DDP) as a Method of Fostering Children’s Verbal Creativity’ - empirical research that directly contributes to the creation of educational methods for 2-6- year-old children.
Vilnius Pedagogical University, Faculty of Education, Studentų 39,
LT-08106, Vilnius, Lithuania,

Theatre stage director: drama and puppet theatre
Acting, Directing, Acting with Puppet, Puppet Technology, Movement and Dance, Drama Theory, Philosophy, Cultural History, Performing Arts History, Education & Psychology, Aesthetics, Staging a Performance in the Theatre.
St. Petersburg Theater Arts Academy, Mokhovaya 34, 191028 St. Petersburg, Russia,

Scientific degrees and titles

PhD., Doctor of Social Sciences (Education), Lithuania
PhD., Doctor of Philosophy (Education), Finland

Professional experience

2012 onwards
Analyst of the implementation of productive learning module
Alternative Education Project

Education Supply Center of the Ministry of Education and Science

Gelezinio Vilko St. 12, LT- 01112, Vilnius, Lithuania

2010 onwards
Lecturer and senior researcher
Teaching university courses and conducting research activities.
Department of Didactics of Psychology
Faculty of Educational Sciences
Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
Studentų 39, LT-08106, Vilnius, Lithuania

2010 onwards
Visiting lecturer
Teaching university courses, co-guiding Master’s thesis
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education,
Sretenka 29, 127 051, Moscow, Russia

From August 2002 to August 2010
Research assistant of Early Childhood education
Organizing and conducting research work at the research laboratory on play (Play Lab “Silmu”); conducting student research projects; teaching university courses: observation and documentation methods of young children, development and learning through play, and creative drama.
University of Oulu, Faculty of Education, P.O.B. 51, FIN-87101 Kajaani, Finland,

Foreign languages known

Russian and English – proficient user, Polish – basic user, Finnish - beginner

Delivered subjects

  • Master studies
  • Kultūrinė - istorinė raidos psichologija - 5 ECTS

    Kokybiniai raidos tyrimai - 5 ECTS

    Psichologiniai sėkmingos raidos ir ugdymo(si) pagrindai - 5 ECTS

    Research activities

  • Research areas
  • Cultural-historical approach in psychology and education; cultural development in early childhood; the role of play, creativity and imagination in childhood; the impact of art (story, theatre) on child development; imaginative teaching in early childhood, narrative play and learning; creative acts of development, the role of cultural mediation, narrative environments, shared play activity, zones of proximal development

  • Scientific publications
  • PUBLICATIONS 2008-2012

    Brėdikytė, M. (2011). The Zones of Proximal Development in Children’s Play.Finland, Oulu:University of Oulu. Available at:

    Articles in international journals/monographs

    1.Bredikyte, M., Hakkarainen, P., Jakkula, K., Muntter, H. 2013. Adult Play Guidance and Children’s Play Development in a Narrative Play-world. European Early Childhood Research Journal (in press).

    2.Brėdikytė, M. 2012. The Act of Cultural Mediation in Children’s Play. Educational Forum, Vol 47, No 2, ISSN 0867-0323. Available at:, Vol 47, No 2 (2012)

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    6.Bredikyte, M. & Hakkarainen, P. (2010). Strong Foundation through Play-Based Learning. Psychological Science and Education, Vol. 3, 58-64.

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    8.Bredikyte, M., Hakkarainen, P. (2009). Vygotsky’s non-classical Psychology Today: Implications for Theory and Practice. IV International Conference of Lithuanian Psychologists, Vilnius, Lithuania, 71-75.

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    10.Bredikyte, M. & Hakkarainen, P. (2008). Cultural Development of the Child Through Narrative Learning. In Evaluating the Impact of Arts and Cultural Education. Paris: La Documentation francaise, Centre Pompidou, 173-181.

    Project activities

  • Projects of EU Structural Funds
  • "Development of Self-regulation in Play"

    VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K „Support to Research Activities of Scientists and Other Researcher (Global Grant)“

    Member of the reserch group, senior researcher of the project (2012-2015)
  • International projects
  • Research grant from Academy of Finland for the project "Meaningful Learning in Narrative Environments"
    Member of the research group (2007-2009)
    Personal research grant from the University of Oulu, Finland (2008)

    Applied research activities

  • Scientific conferences, seminars
  • 1.Bredikyte, M. 2012. Genetic experiment as a method to study children’s play // university seminar in neuropsychology, Puebla Autonomic University, Puebla, Mexico.

    2.Bredikyte, M. 2012. Play and Cultural Development in Early Childhood // 5thInternational Psychological Conference, Puebla Autonomic University, Puebla, Mexico.

    3.Bredikyte, M. 2012. Cultural Development in Play // Dialogic Variations - International Scientific Seminar at University of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw, Poland.

    4.Bredikyte, M. 2012. Experimental Studies of Play // working doctoral seminar at Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

    5.Bredikyte, M. 2012. Joint Play as a Space for Human Development in ECE // Public lecture at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

    6.Bredikyte, M. 2012. Workshop: Cultural myth creation: interpreting traditional narratives through improvisational drama // International ISCAR Summer University, Moscow, Russia.

    7.Bredikyte, M. 2012. Development through play // ECRC (Early Childhood Research Council) Seminar at Froebel College, Roehampton University, London.

    8. Bredikyte, M. 2012. Developing Child’s Self-regulation by Expanding Play Structure // 22 EECERA International Conference, Porto, Portugal.

    9.Bredikyte, M. 2012. Adult Play Guidance and Children’s Play Development // 26th ICCP World Play Conference, Tallinn, Estonia.

    10.Bredikyte, M. 2010. Cultural environments of early developments: how to support the acquisition of cultural tools? // International ISCAR Summer school, Moscow, Russia.

    11.Bredikyte, M., Hakkarainen, P. 2010. From Imitation to Improvisation in Play // Creativity and imitation in childhood - CHACDOC symposium, Copenhagen, Danmark.

    12.Bredikyte, M. 2010. Developing mature forms of play// Public lecture at Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan.

    13.Bredikyte, M. 2010. Shared Play Activity is the Space Promoting Creative Acts// 4th Rikkyo International Research Seminar of Edukation, Tokyo, Japan.

    14.Bredikyte, M. 2009. Teacher education and narrative learning// Public lecture at Hokkaido Sapporo, Japan.

    15.Bredikyte, M. 2009. Narrative Learning Environments (NLE) as a space for development in early childhood// Forum: Reform of Teacher Education, Fukui, Japan.

    16.Bredikyte, M. 2008. Developing University teaching of future Early Childhood Teachers: on the basis of the activities in SILMU research laboratory // Forum: Community Based Approach to Reform of Teacher Education, Tsuru, Japan.

    17.Bredikyte, M. 2008. Cultural Creativity as the Zone of Proximal Development in Play // IInd ISCAR Congress: Abstract and paper presentation, San Diego, USA.

    18.Bredikyte, M., Hakkarainen, P. 2008. Play-world as a tool of cultural development // TASP Conference: Workshop, Tempe, USA.

  • Research visits, qualification development courses
  • January-March, 2008 - Visiting scholar at University of California, San Diego, Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition, USA
    April-May, 2008 - Visiting scholar at Simon Frazer University, Imaginative Education Research Group, Vancouver, Canada

    Support for English-medium Teaching in the University Programmes, University of Oulu 2008

    Academic Writing Course, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, 2008/2009

  • Work in editorial boards
  • Member of the advisory committee of the journal Educational Forum, from 2012

  • Work in training researchers
  • Doctoral committee member:
    1. Annikki Hakkarainen (2008 - onwards at Oulu university)
    2. Minna-Pia Sopanen (2010 - onwards, Eastern Finland University)

  • Work in research institution and organisation activities
  • Member of ISCAR

    Educational and science dissemination activities

  • Pedagogical work abroad
  • 2010 - onwards
    Visiting lecturer
    Teaching university courses, co-guiding Master's thesis
    Moscow State University of Psychology and Education,
    Sretenka 29, 127 051, Moscow, Russia