Mission and Vision

Mission of the University: Society’s education, which is based on modern education philosophy and the newest scientific knowledge. The University is striving to solidify its exceptional place in Lithuanian and European Union higher education field as a University of Educational nature in the areas of studies, research and practice.

Vision of the University: The most important educational university, gradually solidifying this status in Central and Eastern regions of the European Union; Institution that is able to change and adapt, is international, modern, attractive and competitive; successfully trains specialists of wide spectrum, develops fundamental and applied scientific research, applies the results in practice and provides various social educational services.

University is continually developing the specialised education model and is constantly renewing the study process and organisation of scientific research; the University will strive to keep the training of pedagogues and education specialists a priority; It will extend the variety of services offered to students and community groups of different areas.

Updated on: 2016-02-03 11:35