The origin of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences can be traced back to 1935, when the first higher teacher training establishment of Lithuania, the National Pedagogical Institute, was established in Klaipeda. The Institute was intended to educate teachers for primary schools and to develop educational sciences throughout Lithuania. During all the years of the institution's establishment, the Institute underwent numerous changes both in its status and geographical location. In March 1939, when the Nazi invaded and occupied the Region of Klaipeda, the Pedagogical Institute was moved to Panevezys, and in the autumn of the same year - to Vilnius. It was then renamed Vilnius Pedagogical Institute. In 1940, after the Soviet occupation of Lithuania, teacher training in the country was reformed according to the requirements raised for the Soviet schools. Due to the introduction of overall compulsory schooling in Lithuania, the number of students gradually increased at the Institute. The teacher training scale expanded in Lithuania, and it included teaching educators of all the basic subjects for all-type schools of general education.

Essential reforms of the institution started after the reestablishment of Lithuania's independence. In May of 1992, Vilnius Pedagogical Institute was renamed to Vilnius Pedagogical University by a resolution of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania. Afterwards, in July of 1992, the Lithuanian Supreme Council ratified the University's Statute. The first Statute gave the University the rights of an autonomous institution as well as a new multilevel system of studies, the power to train scientists and to grant scientific degrees and titles.

In October 2011 Vilnius Pedagogical University was renamed Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.

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