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Rector's welcome


During the decades of its existence, the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences underwent changes simultaneously with changing social and cultural circumstances of life in Lithuania. The institution’s destiny, mission and vision have always been related with the idea and practice of democratic and, most importantly, free Republic of Lithuania. At present, as we are members of the European Union, even greater possibilities have opened to modernise the University, to make it democratic and accountable to the society, thus increasing its attractiveness and competitiveness. Academic exchange programmes like LLP/Erasmus are helpful for enriching studies and making them an aid for professional competence and personality development of future educators and education researchers. Finally, such programmes enhance connections among universities as well as international relations. Europe has always been and will remain open to humanist ideas. It has promoted and will promote, has inspired and will inspire people of different nations for progress and welfare. Therefore, we also hope to see professors, and what is of utmost importance, students from different countries at our University, to provide them with quality education, to care for them and to rejoice in their participation.

Acad., Prof. Dr. Habil. Algirdas Gaižutis. Rector

Updated on: 2017-09-26 23:14